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Opinzy is an online community where members share their ideas and opinions by taking part in online surveys.

Participation is free, without any comittment and you even can earn rewards: Each time you take part in a survey you can earn gift cards !

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First, in order to take online surveys, you have to sign up by filling in a short form on the Sign up page.

Then, go to your e-mail box to confirm your registration and become a member of the online community opinizy.

Sharing your opinion is easy, free and without any comittment. You can unregister whenever you want if you change your mind.

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And then you’ll have your say, you’ll have the opportunity to speak your mind and to be heard !
You will indeed be contacted on different topics, from testing new products to tell what you think of a good or a service. It is a chance for you to make the difference and to influence famous brands with your ideas and opinions.

You will be contacted by e-mail or directly on your phone with our mobile app, so you’ll have the choice to participate in surveys you want, wherever you are.

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Now it is up to you: each time you take a survey you would earn credit that you could redeem in rewards, such as amazon gift cards or paypal payments.

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So, what are you waiting for to join us ?