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If you wish to participate at Opinizy from your smartphone and take part in paid surveys or just check your account, then this article is for you!

Our mobile app is available for Android and apple (iPhone) phones.

Get our mobile app (iphone)
Get our mobile app (Android)

How does it work?

1. Download

First, download the mobile app named « opinion app ». It is available on Android and iPhone smarphones.

In order to download it, please check the links above.

Then you’ll need to set up the app, simply by filling in the email address you used to register at Opinizy.

If you didn’t sign up yet, click here to join us.

After you entered your email address, an email will be sent to you. Get the validation code there and enter it into the app.

It is really easy and you’d need only 30 seconds to, before being able to take part in our paid surveys with the app.

2. Set up


3. Participate

Once connected to your account, you’ll find on the app the direct links to our paid surveys.

And by the way, please note that you’ll have access here to more surveys than you’ll receive invites by email!

This is because we don’t want to send too many emails that you would then consider as unwanted.
But it is possible to take part in more paid surveys with our mobile app, so come and look for them wherever you are, whenever you want!

Finally and as always, your participations will be rewarded in your credit balance. You will cumulate pounds that you can reedeem as soon as you reach £10, with Amazon gift cards or cash with Paypal.

And with our mobile app and its convenience, it would then be even faster to be rewarded!

If you want to read more about what you can win with Opinizy, then click here.

And so, what are you waiting for downloading our mobile app?

3. Be rewarded

Get our mobile app (iphone)
Get our mobile app (Android)