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New personal area and terms of use update

Your personal area evolves ... Find out your new personal area, redesigned in an easier and simpler way, that would help you to find any information of your profile or preference ! This new area is shaped to be closer to the mobile phone version, and would help you to...

Take part in our paid surveys with your mobile phone

If you wish to participate at Opinizy from your smartphone and take part in paid surveys or just check your account, then this article is for you! Our mobile app is available for Android and apple (iPhone) phones. How does it work? First, download the mobile app named...

Find out opinizy in a video presentation

Our presentation video just came out You'll find here in a short video how opinizy works and what service it offers. It's an occasion to discover how our online community works and what it can offer you. You wish to share your opinion but you don't know how to ? Find...

You will never say « I’m bored » again with opinizy !

You're bored and don't know what to do ? Well now that's over, thanks to the online community Opinizy ! Seize the opportunity to have something to do as soon as you have a few minutes to kill, and earn gift cards at the same time ! We are launching our online...