Taking surveys makes me earn gift cards
Taking surveys anywhere to earn amazon gift cards
My opinion permits me to earn amazon gift cards
Sharing my opinion is fun and easy

Share your opinion and earn rewards (Amazon gift cards, …)

What is the comunity Opinizy ?

First, you need to know that opinizy is an online community open to everyone, whatever their age or job occupation. Opinizy members look for expressing their opinion by taking part in online surveys.

And so, registration is open to everyone, because every thought matters and that’s what is important for us: We want to help you to speak your mind.

Members can share their ideas on different topics, at their rythm and in an anonymous way. And you even can redeem rewards by doing so (Amazon gift cards and cash with Paypal) !

Earning rewards is fun
It's easy to redeem gift cards !

Why should I sign up?

Not only registration is totally free and without any comittment required but also you are free to chose the surveys you want to take part ! Please also note that none of your personal data would be used in a commercial purpose, and all of your opinions will remain anonymous.

So you can take surveys simply when you want to !

Then, your opinion matters to us, and we want you to know it. That’s why you will earn credits for all of your complete participation. These credits would then be reedemable into Amazon gift cards of cash with a Paypal transfer.

It is your chance to influence famous brands, at the rythm you want and anonymously, while earning rewards like gift cards or cash.

On a daily basis, how does it work?

Once registered on the online comunity opinizy, you would regularly receive e-mails from us to invite you to take part in a survey (about once a week).

Our surveys cover different topics: political matters, product testing or satisfaction measure, consumer meetings, … You can chose topics you like, you are free to participate or not, it’s up to you !

And each time you complete a survey, you would earn credit that would be added on your opinizy balance (up to £2.80).

Then, once you would have reached £10, you’ll have the opportunity to redeem it in an Amazon gift card or in cash with a Paypal transfer.

Earning gift cards in the subway is possible
Earning money with Internet

How do survey work?

First, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to take part in a new survey with opinizy.

This e-mail will indicate the lengh of the survey (about 8 to 10 minutes on average), and how much credit participating would make you win. Credits would be added on your balance and once you would have reached a certain amount, you would have the possiblity to redeem it, with an Amazon gift card or with a Paypal transfer.

And if you don’t have time to participate to the survey, don’t worry ! They are usually available for a few days and you’ll find the open surveys directly on the opinizy website on your personal area.

But if finally the survey was closed when you decide to participate, there is no problem neither. You would automatically be redirected to to another open survey so that you still can give your opinion. Because your time is precious, we will always find a way to make you speak your mind whenever you want to.

So I can give my opinion whenever I want and I receive rewards for it?

That’s exactly how it works! We offer you opportunities to take surveys and share your consumer opinion regularly. But you can participate at your own rythm, whenever you want, from your computer, phone or tablet.

And for each time you complete a survey, you would earn credit that would be added on your opinizy credit balance.

And then, as soon as you would have reached £10, you would have the possibity to redeem it, and receive an Amazon gift card or cash with a Paypal transfer.

Sharing your opinion has never been so easy.

Redeem Amazon gift cards
Redeem cash with Paypal

Are you in? Then join us on opinizy !

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