Terms of use and Membership

Terms in use from 21st of June 2017.
Last modification: 9th of May 2018.

These terms of use might be changed or modifed at any moment, without any notification. Users of the website www.opinizy.com shall consult these on a regular basis.

1 : Preamble and aim
The panel opinizy is owned and managed by FVC, a micro-company respresented by M. Frédéric VILLAREAL, registered in France at the Register of Commerce and Companies with the SIREN identification 825 244 452 (“We”, “opinizy”).

FVC, with the consumer panel opinizy, produces for its clients and parteners market studies, by sending invitations to survey to the member of opinizy, who have vonlontarely registered on the opinizy.com website.

These terms of use stipulate the terms of use for the survey service provided from the website opinizy.com, between :
– Opinizy
– And any registered user who vonlontarily registered in the panel opinizy (“you”, “the panelist”, “the member”, “the web user”).

2 : Eligibility
To register in the opinizy panel, the web user has to :
– Be a physical person (no company would be allowed) ;
– Own an e-mail address ;
– Live in the UK ;
– Be over 16 years old ;
– Speak English ;
– Have accepted these terms of use.

To sign in, minors have to have the authorisation of his/her parents or legal guardian.

3 : Membership
A web user is considered as a member of the panel opinizy under the 3 following conditions:
– He/she agreed on these terms of use and on the privacy policy of this website, by voluntarily checking the checkbox leading to the registration form ;
– He/she filled and validated the registration form ;
– He / she has confirmed his/her registration by clicking on the link sent with the welcome e-mail, received just after validating the second condition.

Opinizy’s administrator reserves the right to accept or refuse any registration request, without justification nor notification.

4 : Lenght of contract
The registration to the panel opinizy would be considered as complete as soon as the web user would have validated his/her e-mail address by clicking on the link sent in the welcome email received just after having filled in the registration form. This contract is applicable for an indeterminate period. Each party may terminate the contract without notice nor justification.

5 : Member account and password
The panelist must keep this account personal and must not share it with someone else. The member account cannot be sold or transferred to someone else.

The panelist shall not earn several opinizy account, only one account per person is allowed.

The password allowing the Member to log in and to connect to various services is private and confidential and must not be shared with someone else. Member is solely responsible for the use of his/her password.

Opinizy has the right to terminate the membership, with immediate effect and without notification, if the panelist fails to any of its obligation.

6 : Technical Plateform
The panel opinizy is based on the third party company Cint AB with which opinizy has a partnership. Cint AB provides the technical plateform, the survey management algorythm and the whole reward delivery system.
Acting as the data processor for opinizy, Cint AB hosts and handles the datas on your privacy area. All datas are hosted in Sweden.
Our partner Cint AB is ISO 20252 certified, which is the quality label for market research institutes. Its own providers are at least ISO 27001 certified, in order to guarantee a strong level of securisation, in adequation to the law expectations concerning personal informations.

By accepting these terms of use you also accept the terms of use and privacy policy of our partner Cint AB :
– Terms of use Cint AB : https://www.cint.com/panelist-terms
– Privacy policy Cint AB : https://www.cint.com/participant-privacy-notice

7 : The panel opinizy
Panel members are invited to participate in online surveys by e-mail. They also can find the direct links to the open surveys from their private member area or from the mobile application “opinion app” once logged in (the mobile application is developped by the partner company Cint AB).

Members are free to take part in surveys or not, but they shall participate as often as the can. Minimum of participation would be once per calendar year.

When taking part in a survey, the panelist must :
– respond truthfully and spontaneously to the questions asked of him/her, regarding his/her experience, tastes and personality ;
– respect of code of ethic and do not make any remarks contrary to existing regulations and good manners ;
– keep as confidential and secret any presented content (pictures, concept, texts, music, videos, …) ;
– keep his personal information up to date.

We do not guarantee that you would receive a minimum nor a maximum of survey invitation.

8 : Panelists compensation
The whole compensation and reward distribution system is held by the partner company Cint AB, as written the 6th article of these terms of use.

If you respond to and successfully complete a Survey you may earn points in our incentive program. You do not have to purchase anything in order to receive points. The points you have earned are personal and you cannot transfer them to anybody else. The amount and the reward may change and the amount is precised in the survey invitation e-mail (this amount is given as an indicatation and may fluctuate regarding the lenght of interview. If the survey was in average longer than annonced, amount of points received would be increased, and conversely).

There might be a delay for credits, and/or that a point correction would be applied (adding or retrieving points).
This can be explained for technincal reasons (most of the credits are automatised but some are delayed at the end of the survey period), and in case of irregularity in a completed survey, such as described in the article 7 of these current terms of use.

Your points will be valid and redeemable for a period of [twenty four (24)] months after the latest completed survey. Any points or incentives not redeemed by you may be revoked by Us.

To redeem the points the panelist will have to have reached the amount of £10 (10 pounds).

The panelist will be able to redeem his points :
– by receieving an amazon.co.uk gift card
– or by receieving a Paypal payment (be aware that PayPal charges a 2% commission for each transaction).

9 : Privacy
All the information provided voluntarily by the panelist to the panel opinizy might be used by opinizy. The way these data might be used are explained in our privacy policy (privacy policy).

By agreeing on these terms of use you also accept our privacy policy.

10 : Failure to comply to these terms of use
Failure to comply with these terms of use may result in termination of your membership account and forfeiture of any points on your reward balance, with immediate effect and without notification.

11 : Service availability
Opinizy is a  24/7 available service, but there is no obligation for opinizy to do so. We may suspend the service for maintenance, update or any technical reason, with immediate effect and without any notification.

For any question, members can contact opinizy by using the contact form (contact form).

12 : Limitation of Liability
Given that the provided services are free of charge, Opinizy may not be held responsible for any damages suffered by any Member or third party, by using its service or by visiting the website.

We use all appropriate methods to protect your personal information but neither opinizy, FVC nor its parters can guarantee its absolute security. The web user is aware that Internet can never be absolutely reliable and safe.

Opinizy may not be responsible for any message, information or content it didn’t specifically wrote. Any content uploaded by members or web users, on their member area or on the website, is under his/her own responsability.

13 : Miscellaneous
These terms of use and the service provided by opinizy might be changed or modifed at any moment, without any notification. Users of the website www.opinizy.com shall consult these on a regular basis.

Any dispute that could not be sold between the two parts will be submitted to the competent courts in France.

14 : Website host
Personal data hosting :
Cint AB
Luntmakargatan 18, 1tr
111 37 Stockholm

Public website hosting :
222 Boulevard Gustave Flaubert
63000 Clermont-Ferrand